About us

The founders of this Company are the Osborne Osborne family whose relationship with the world of wine dates back to the 18th Century, always guided by Sherry wine, in an unequaled setting such as the city of El Puerto de Santa María, located in the heart of the Bay of Cádiz.


Initially the project began with the search for an estate where they could produce red wines that expressed accurately their soils and this was found in the village of Pesquera de Duero ( Valladolid ). Our first winery “Viñas del Jaro” was born in “El Quiñón” Estate, within the Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero. Shortly afterwards “Bodegas y Viñedos de Cal Grau” is founded in the Qualified Denomination of Origin Priorat. In later years the project keeps developing and supporting red wines with personality of different Spanish areas and settles also in Toro Denomination of Origin, where it owns vineyards in Morales, El Pego and Valdefinjas.


Nowadays, Compañía de Viñedos Iberian is present, in addition to the already indicated DO’s, in other areas of high prestige wines in Spain like Rioja, Rueda, Cava-Penedés, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla, Rías Baixas and Bierzo. Besides, it distributes exclusively for the Spanish market the excellent soleras of old Sherry wines / Rare & VORS of Bodegas Osborne.


At the beginning of 2015, an important alliance was created with the Mexican entrepreneur Mr. Ernesto Tinajero Flores, who shares a part of the Company’s capital, giving a boost to the development of our philosophy, which is obtaining the best wines in the different estates where our wineries are located.

Dear Friend,   On behalf of my family and team, I would like to let you know what our goals and illusions are. We are fully involved in trying to convey with each of our wines sensations that can be an accurate reflect of the soils where they are produced. Achieving this goal is not easy, not only because it is a difficult task itself, but also because you need years of experience in a determined area to find the parameters that may identify the terroir. Our work is focused on that, and you do it mainly on the vineyards. They are studied vine by vine to know what vineyards, plots or sectors are different of each other. These natural differences are maintained within the whole vinifying and ageing processes, so that they can be found in the sensorial characteristics of every wine and brand. On the other hand, this quality we are looking for in the fields is not restricted to that limit, but we also want to implement it in the commercial aspects, in Public Relations and Communication. The only thing that will give us credibility enough is that the wines show their quality once you uncork them. I would be very grateful if for any suggestion, comment, problem or any matter related with our wines you could contact me. I will try to solve it personally. I hope and expect that our wines may achieve the expectations you put on them, as it is our only true working philosophy. Sincerely,

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