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Yaso Vineyards

D.O. Toro

The Toro Designation of Origin has 8,000 ha of vineyards, of which 5,418 are registered with the Regulating Council. With a winemaking history dating back 2,000 years, they have a long-standing tradition that yields amazing wines that are highly valued for their fruit and aromatic strength, as well as sensory delicacy.

EThe climate, with large differences between day and night temperatures; the rainfall in the area, of about 350 litres per year. As well as the stony soil with sandy surfaces and clay subsoil, which allow the crops to retain moisture and a certain hydric capacity, play a key role in the generation of concentrated wines, of deep colour and high aromatic intensity, which preserve the acidity that gives them outstanding ageing potential.

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The wines

Made 100% from the native variety par excellence, ‘Tinta de Toro’, these wines have a personality marked by the climate and soil. ‘Yaso’ is a young, medium-aged wine, modern but respectful of the area’s winemaking history. Another of our wines is ‘Yaso For de Matteria’, a wine aged in French oak barrels for 14 months with grapes selected from the oldest vineyards. And finally, ‘Yaso Matteria Viñas Viejas’, made from vines over a hundred years old and aged for over 26 months in French oak barrels; a wine that gives its name to the tradition of the ‘Tinta de Toro’ variety.

This area is home to our Yaso estate, very close to Morales de Toro, in Zamora. With an area of 5 ha, trellised for better management and planted with ‘Tinta de Toro’ (Tempranillo). We also manage plots of centenary vineyards in the villages of Valdefinjas and El Pego, which is where our ‘Yaso Flor de Matteria’ and ‘Matteria Viñas Viejas’ wines are grown.

For years, our winemaking has been carried out in a partner winery that we have partly rented, as our annual production does not exceed 30,000 bottles, and where the technical team of Compañía de Viñedos Iberian manages the entire process of producing and ageing the wines until their final bottling.