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Wine Tourism in Ribera del Duero

Visit Viñas del Jaro Winery

Embark on a hedonistic journey to the heart of Valladolid’s Golden Mile of wine. An unforgettable experience to explore the vineyard, taste the finest wines, and discover our winery. A privileged place to enjoy wine tourism from a different perspective, where the senses take precedence.

During the experience, you’ll taste, at least, 3 wines accompanied by cheese and other appetizers perfectly paired with our aromas. Additionally, you can wander through the vineyard and explore our winery. Additionally, you can wander through the vineyard and explore our winery.

We also offer meals in the Barrel Room or in the surrounding holm oak forest.

Tastings are held on Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. Weekdays allow for group arrangements in the morning. The duration, weather permitting, is between 2 to 2 and a half hours.

The basic price is €30/person, except for groups exceeding six people. In that case, the price per person is €25.

Located in Pesquera de Duero

On the right bank of the Ribera del Duero, next to a holm oak forest, lies “Viña del Jaro,” our winery. Since 1997, “Viña del Jaro” has been one of the 30 registered wineries in Pesquera del Duero, the village with the most viticultural passion in the Ribera. The characteristics of the terrain, the altitude of the area, and the surrounding nature provide a unique identity of terroir, freshness, and elegance, making Viña del Jaro one of the best wineries for wine tourism.

Our wines

Our wines are the result of the excellence that characterizes us: “Jaros”, aged for 17 months in French oak barrels, is our “estate wine”. We make a much younger oak varietal of this wine. The oldest vines in the vineyard, more than 50 years old, yield the grapes used to produce ‘Chafandín’, a wine with a huge personality. From the highest part of the Pago comes our premium production, Sed de Caná, which only sees the light of day in certain vintages.

That’s all we can tell you. The rest, you’ll only know if you experience it.

Are you in?

More Information about the Visit

The only option is by car, although with large groups, alternative transportation from Valladolid can be considered. In this case, the price would be separate from the experience itself.

The maximum per visit is 12/14 people, with no problem including children. We also have access for people with reduced mobility.

Our winery is located in a privileged enclave, with many accommodation options nearby. You can stay in Pesquera, Peñafiel, Valbuena, or Quintanilla de Onésimo. Valladolid or Aranda de Duero are also magnificent options.

To culminate the experience, there are countless restaurants suitable for all tastes and budgets: from Michelin-starred establishments to more affordable yet equally enticing traditional taverns.

Contact us to arrange your wine tour